ketogenic diet islaverde

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  • Weight management tools:
    • VLCKD Very Low Calorie Ketogenic Diets
    • Quasi-ketogenic Soup Diets
  • Intermittent fasting products:
    • 5/2 Mosley Diet
    • ExC Extreme Energy Coffee
  • Energy food and beverages:
    • SEG - The Strongest Energy Gel
    • Ginger Shots
ketogenic diet islaverde

Nutritional Ketosis Diet

Welcome to our website. Let us present you our Islaverde-brand products. Our Polish company Segura (owner of the Islaverde® brand) is specialized in manufacturing of ketogenic products rich in coconut and vegetable fats as well as of quasi-ketogenic food containing – apart from fats – extra protein.

In our new plant located near Warsaw we apply an innovative technology of cryogenic grinding (at -60°C) of coconut flesh, cocoa beans, coffee beans, dried fruits, vegetables and herbs. Obtained very fine powders are mixed with whey or pea protein concentrate or cold-pressed vegetable oils, and then used to prepare blends for meal - replac ement drinks, soups and snacks.

Our tasty and strong ginger shots are made with the additive of honeybee from European sources. There are no artificial additives, GMOs or gluten-containing ingredients in our products.


3-10 days total diet replacement for weight control

ketogenic diet - VLCKD
Low and Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diets
Low-Carb Soups

Unique composition of the high-quality ingredients

ketogenic diet - Low-Carb Soups
5-Day Keto Soup Diet or Ketogenic Diet Boosted With Soups
5/2 Diet

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Control

ketogenic diet - 5/2 Diet
Also known as Dr. Mosley Diet
SEG: Strongest Energy Gel

9 servings x 30 g x 200 kcal

ketogenic diet - SEG: Strongest Energy Gel
A new concept of functional food
ExC: Extreme Energy Coffee

A new power formula for more energy, less hunger and better brain function

ketogenic diet - ExC: Extreme Energy Coffee
An improved version of bulletproof coffee
Ginger Shots

50-100 ml shots full of healthy, stamina-boosting nutrients

ketogenic diet - Ginger Shots
Magic of ginger root
ketogenic diet islaverde

Segura sp. z o.o. ul. Einsteina 11, 01-480 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: +48 22 666 88 98, mail:
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